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Tapping for Creativity

As children, we are all creative. We can use EFT to assist us in whatever quality we want to enhance in ourselves.  Creativity is an intensely valuable quality and as children, we are all creative. The problem is that our creativity gets squashed along the way – and often our self-esteem with it. Others may have made us feel shamed in the past, and now it doesn’t feel safe to put our ideas or work forward. 

8 Health Benefits of Tapping

What does Tapping actually do? Happily, just as scientists have been unlocking many of the mysteries of the natural world, so too researchers have been unlocking the mysteries of tapping.   

Are You About To Get Hit By A Mack Truck?

No, not because you are walking out into the road with your head buried in your phone, but because you are not listening to your body and overriding the alert that it’s giving you. 

My First Ever Extorion Email

I opened my inbox in the morning and there it was.  A man's name with one of my passwords in the subject line.  Not the sort of thing you want to see first thing!  It was long and threatening, demanding money.   

Are You Devoted to Your Joy??

I put two question marks because it's such a big, important, pertinent question! Especially for someone like me who has experienced a great deal of anxiety, depression, and chronic illness throughout my life.   

Striking Gold!

One of my clients has a serious health condition which affects her life, although drugs are currently keeping it under control.  

Mind Your Own Business

All of a sudden the world has become an even more discombobulating place.  And we tend to be contrary creatures. We want change, but only in the specific ways we want or can handle, because the ego wants to keep things safe, secure, small and familiar.  In fact we fear the unknown future.  

The Most Empowering Belief

Do you think that life sucks?  That life is not on your side?  That it's a struggle?  That you're isolated, lacking, separate or unworthy?   

Do You Ignore Your Intuition?

Einstein said "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant."  Yet in our society we seem to honour the servant, and are so busy we simply don't have time to listen to the gift. Einstein also declared that his success was the result of intuition, what he called his "inner knowing".   

When a Challenge Hits

There are times in our life when everything seems to be going along pretty fine, and we may even find we're taking things for granted.  But it's quite likely at some stage we'll be faced with considerable challenges whether it's at work, in our relationships, with our kids, our health, an addiction, with an accident or trauma, or a loved one dying.  Some of these things can really take us down and we have to take advantage of all the resources we can summon.  I've been having to do that so here are some of the things I'm learning along the way.   

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