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Are you striving for an immediate objective, or aspiring to a longer-term vision?  And either way it feels to be in the “too hard basket” or you’re not making the progress you want.  

You may be frustrated at how you hold yourself back – governed by subconscious fears of failing, or even of succeeding, afraid of what other people will say – their judgements, criticisms, jealousy, lacking confidence in your abilities or engaging in sabotaging behaviours at every turn.  Or is your exact goal shrouded in mystery?

Career Performance

A recent survey by the Australian Psychological Society indicates that one in seven Australians admits to experiencing severe to extremely severe depressive symptoms with almost half citing job-related issues as a source of the stress.  An increasing number of workers are reporting they are suffering immense pressure with the emphasis on increasing productivity and the uncertain job climate.  And that mental strain also shows up in physical symptoms.  While nothing can be done about the external circumstances a great deal can be done to help you respond to it in a different and more resourceful way.  EFT has been shown in studies to reduce the stress response substantially.     

Career Performance

I was a high performing, award-winning medical recruitment specialist until I developed serious insomnia and anxiety. This led to symptoms of fatigue, memory loss, a racing mind, irritability, brain fog, an overall personality shift and under achievement at work. I deteriorated over several months despite seeking clinical help from a GP. I was introduced to Margaret by a service offered by my employer. 

After our first session and over the course of a week my body began to feel less stressed and I was less anxious at bed time, which was a huge win for me. After the second session I began to sleep and by three sessions I felt my spirit had returned, in fact I was a totally different person to the individual who sat in Margaret’s chair on day one. Daily activities are no longer too hard to cope with, I have started contributing at work once more and my friends and colleagues comment that I am back to being my bubbly self. I am truly grateful for the compassion and expertise Margaret has shown me during our sessions and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone in need.

I would describe myself as a high performing professional and I have a senior and responsible role.  However internally I struggle with self-doubt, fear and vulnerability about not being good enough.  I also struggle when I am not true to my values and I am challenged by difficult work environments and aggressive people. Leadership and corporate culture can be lonely.  Working with someone who can provide guidance and support has helped me enormously in my work and for me is part of both professional and personal growth.

The tapping helps me release and process these feelings, especially the fear and pain. I'll admit it felt strange at first but it’s like exercise- it creates a release followed by an uplifting of energy and I have never finished a session with Margaret where I haven’t felt stronger, clearer-headed and truer to myself and my talents. Margaret is generous and caring for her clients and I would highly recommend working with her.  

Business Success 

I know from running a business of my own for most of the past 24 years, that there are many beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of our moving forward. EFT can be used to help you go free from whatever is holding you back and release financial concerns, sales call reluctance and fear of public speaking.  You may not recognise how the messages you received as a child have influenced your ability to be successful in business – “don’t blow your own trumpet, don’t get too big for your boots, money doesn’t grow on trees, children should be seen and not heard”.  It’s important to recognise that deserving and self-esteem issues influence how much you can earn or how much you charge.

I thought I would share a success story this week. I completed an application form for the NSW & ACT Small Business Awards, and have been recognized as a finalist.

This is a huge opportunity for my business, and acknowledges where I am going. Thank you for your support which gives me the courage and commitment to shine.”
Michael de Haan, Certified Financial Planner

I sometimes call myself “the coach’s coach” because I work with quite a lot of coaches.  You can choose to work with me on whatever basis suits you best. 

“I have been seeing Margaret for two and a half years and have just noticed that my quarterly BAS payment to the government is now more than my whole quarter's income when I started - that means my income has increased ten-fold!”
 Business Coach

If it is sales call reluctance which is holding you back you can free yourself from all the beliefs, attitudes and past conditioning that create the internal barriers that stop you from putting all your sales skills and knowledge to the best effect. 

“I had difficulty picking up the phone to make any form of call. The problem wasn’t restricted to sales calls and follow up calls. I even had difficulty making a call to check someone’s name and address. This was paralyzing for my business. I would sometimes spend hours and even days gathering courage to make an important call and when I was on the phone, I would break into a sweat. This has gone on for years. I believe the financial cost has been substantial in lost business opportunities.
Since having a few consultations with Margaret, I have had a huge release of energy and have made hundreds of calls. I now have no difficulty picking up the phone and calling anyone at all. The changes started to occur after only one session.”
R.T. Business owner

Creative Success

I love helping clients with their creative output – to bring to fruition the album or the book or the gig.  I haven’t been to a launch for a while so I think it’s time for another one!  It’s too hard to do it on your own so get some help and have the satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams as well as your potential.  

"I went to Margaret in the middle of recording an album, after having my second child and I was thinking about giving away my dream. She gave me the tools to move forward through life and I'm so excited that I'm living my potential instead of dreaming about it."
- Amanda Thomas
If you’re a musician, singer, dancer or actor who suffers from the beating heart, sweaty palms and constricted throat of performance anxiety, the good news is that with EFT it can be a thing of the past. All the nightmare scenarios - hitting the top C, playing the wrong note, going blank, making a fool of yourself - can be dealt with and you are left with putting on your best performance. Not only that but you can tap on whatever aspects of your technical performance you find difficult so your actual technical ability is enhanced.


Sports Success

Use EFT instead of steroids!  The use of sports psychologists speaks of the mental/emotional component of excelling at sport.  EFT can be used for both the physical aspects, including dealing with injuries, as well as the challenges of maintaining focus, self-confidence, “choking” and “the yips”.  You can get the edge in any sport you play and I have worked with quite a number of golfers, both professional and amateur.  

Navigating Change Successfully

There are many turning points in our lives – more so now than before. We no longer enter the workforce and leave from the same job 35 years down the track, nor do most people only have one relationship. And the speed of technology is creating change in our world at a rate that is sometimes difficult to comprehend, let alone keep up with.

We can often navigate the change without too much difficulty but sometimes we could use some help. Here are some possible situations:

• Leaving a relationship with all the complexities and emotional upset that can involve.
• Entering a new relationship
• Wanting to make a career move.
• Feeling discontent in any current situation but feeling unable to change it.
• Forming a new life after the children have left home
• Returning to work after an absence.
• Retiring from work and seeking new meaning and purpose to your life.
• Knowing that you want to do something different but not knowing what it is.

These can be challenging times and I can help you to clear the issues, doubts, uncertainty and indecision that arise. Matrix Reimprinting can help you to clear past beliefs about yourself, about others or about life, that came from way back and which don’t support you in moving forward while EFT can relieve the symptoms of anxiety and doubt.

I’d love to support you through the period of change, giving you invaluable tools to help you move forward with greater ease.