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The Power of Tapping

The Power of Tapping is a guide to solving problems using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  You'll be guided step-by-step first on how to do EFT and then how to apply it to many different problems from fears and phobias to insomnia.  

It's easy to read and easy to follow - as one reader wrote "it's like having a conversation with you."

If you want the freedom to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and enjoy greater health, happiness and success, The Power of Tapping will help you do that. This how-to guide to using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) supplies precisely detailed instructions of how to do EFT as well as how to apply it to different aspects of life – including ones most people never think of. EFT is very easy, gentle and simple to use by people of all ages. It is a highly effective and fast acting method of creating personal transformation that is lasting.

To learn to free yourself rapidly from negative emotions, physical symptoms, limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours so you can enjoy a happier, more relaxed and fulfilling life, follow the suggestions in this book. Learn to use EFT for yourself in many different situations and circumstances that you would usually find stressful. It is easy to learn and simple to apply. Most importantly, it works! Put EFT to work in your life – order now.

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Praise for The Power of Tapping:

"I've talked to so many people both professional and otherwise and read so many self help books during my 13 long years of battling and recovering from anxiety caused by past trauma. When I first read your book "the Power of Tapping" I cried to myself because for the first time I felt that someone had written a book just for me and my particular circumstances. Matt McGowen

Your book is an absolute GEM. It is sure to become a Tapping Bible (certainly in our house anyway). Many congratulations for a wonderful job”. JB

“It’s a great book – very practical with lots of tips and a nice style of writing. Well done!” Shirley Whelan

“I bought your book two days ago and have had tangible tapping results, and I’m not even sure if I am doing it right!

I have been undergoing huge personal stress which has had devastating emotional/adrenal/hormonal responses. It has been hard to find an outlet to assist me in this transition, and now I feel like I am on holidays! I’m smelling and enjoying cooking smells in the street, luxuriating in the sun as I dawdle to the car.

Thanks for writing the book! And for pitching EFT so that one can do it for themselves. It is brilliant. How else can we be so self-responsible? Impressed!”

Create Prosperity