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Our life is defined by our relationships.  They are essential for our emotional health and wellbeing, and we all have many – with our families, partners, children, bosses, co-workers, clients, friends, and of course with ourself.

We all want to experience loving, harmonious and accepting relationships, but sadly conflict is often a common theme. Relationships can be the source of harmful emotions such as rejection, abandonment, hurt, guilt, betrayal and criticism.
It's hard to know how to create loving and empowered relationships when we had no role models for this and are still held captive by the dynamics of our past.  It's easy to feel stuck with the residue of our upset with our parents, and to create endless patterns of unhealthy relationships.

Happily you can create new possibilities and develop the skills and capacities to relate in anew and more empowering way. Instead of focussing on the other person who you are convinced will not change you can focus on yourself and see how that creates change. I love it when clients tell me of the "miracle" of someone else changing.

EFT can improve your relationships

EFT frees you from negative thoughts, adverse behaviours and harmful memories that may be affecting your relationships. Tapping on your energy meridians and using Emotional Freedom Techniques, you can access deep emotions and gently melt them away – leaving you lighter, healthier and free to enjoy harmonious, fulfilling relationships.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful gift of EFT and your guidance that enabled me after only three sessions to make such fantastic changes to my life.

To date I have managed to begin to forge new relationships within my family which was causing me such pain and depression. I can honestly say I feel like we have a chance of being a 'real' family again after so much disruption and fragmentation. I have also put in place changes in other areas of my life that are assisting me to work towards much improved mental and physical health."
Pat Thomson

Open up to love, respect and acceptance

I’d love to help you improve the quality of your relationships with others. A good starting point is to first improve your relationship with yourself. Tapping is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem, reinforce positive beliefs and raise your confidence.

It's time to:

  • Heal the hurt from harmful relationships in your past
  • Make peace with yourself and move on from childhood trauma
  • Move past judgement and blame, to loving and calm responses.
  • Learn to accept imperfections in yourself and in others
  • Recognise when negative emotions are being triggered
  • Set clear and reasonable boundaries for yourself and others
  • Clarify the nature of your current relationships
  • Understand your own feelings, needs and values
  • Stay grounded and focused on the qualities important to you
  • Boost your confidence, positive beliefs and self-esteem
  • Empower yourself to build loving and fulfilling relationships