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Audio Visualisations

Visualisation is the process of deliberately using your imagination to create pictures in your mind - a potent tool for creating the life you want.

I've recorded some guided visualisations for you listen to. Listen to them on a regular basis to help you create change. Just click the play icon on the player to start.

Take Action

This visualisation will help you stop procrastinating, avoiding or distracting from taking action so that you can move ahead and feel good about yourself.

Take Action Take Action (8505 KB)

Live Your Dream

This visualisation takes you on a journey designed to to assist you in making your dreams become reality.

Live Your Dream Live Your Dream (4861 KB)

Live in Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most important aspects of living a prosperous life. Gratitude is about appreciation, acknowledgement, enjoyment and feeling blessed. It is the most powerful way of receiving, and is on a vibrational level with joy, peace and freedom.

Live in Grattitude Live in Grattitude (19437 KB)