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Margaret's Approach

When you work with me the first thing you can expect is results.  I am serious about this, so your first consultation comes with a money-back guarantee that after one hour something will have changed for you.  Longer term I am fiercely committed to supporting you in achieving the outcomes that you want and will act as your vision keeper and do everything in my power to propel you forward even when you can’t see the way. 

I believe that the challenging circumstances and breakdowns that occur in all our lives can be transformed into opportunities.  In fact the quality of our life really depends on our ability to respond to the setbacks, disappointments and failures that occur in a way which causes our development and expansion.  Life brings us unexpected events, yet there is meaning to found and growth to be enjoyed.

I have a very powerful toolbox with which to assist people, accumulated through my own journey of navigating challenging circumstances.  I have sought first and foremost my own internal peace, happiness and success and then used what I have learned to help guide others, while in turn learning from them. 

At heart I’m an explorer and adventurer and love being at the cutting edge of the latest developments in human potential and personal transformation.  I am a student of life for life and I will share with you all I learn as it comes to hand.  I also believe in having clients learn skills and resources they can use themselves so they are empowered to take an active role in their own transformation.

When you partner with me you may feel relieved at feeling heard and understood and will gain deep insight into whatever challenge you have arrived with as well as recognise you have embarked on an exciting journey of rediscovering yourself. 

My own path is to extend past my challenges and live the greatest possibilities for my life and I want that for you too. I believe that when we let go of all that we are not, who we really are becomes free to emerge. My hope is that you will discover essential dimensions of yourself, that you’ll experience yourself as an integral part of life, and know that you are a blessing to all.

After consulting with people since 1988, I have come to the conclusion that there is a bottom line to all of this – and that is our ability to have a deeply loving relationship with ourselves and hence with others and with Life.  This brings us peace and when we are at peace we no longer fall victim to circumstances and other people, and instead of being reflexive or reactive we gain the ability to respond. We will also find ourselves living our brilliance in an extraordinary life.

I will act as your vision keeper and do all in my power to have you bring whatever you intend for yourself into fruition. 

This poem by Theodore Roszak expresses what I bring to our relationship:

You and I, we meet as strangers,
Each carrying a mystery with us.
I may never know who you are,
I may never know you completely.
But I trust that you are a person in your own right,
possessed of a beauty and value that are earth’s richest treasures.

So I make this promise to you.

I will impose no identities upon you but will invite you to become yourself
without shame or fear.
I will hold open a space for you in the world and
defend your right to fill it with an authentic vocation.
For as long as your search takes,
You have my loyalty.