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Emotional Health

I know personally just how important our emotional health is and how much the quality of our life depends on us being able to feel peaceful, calm, loving, joyful and optomistic. Sometimes the reality is quite the opposite - stress, anxiety, depression, grief, low self-esteem, fears and phobias. Yet all of this can be turned around so that these forces don’t control your life.  I encourage you to set an intention to achieve peak emotional health and then see what unfolds as you follow that intention.  

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EFT for inner strength

EFT has an instantly calming effect – relieving physical tension, lowering adrenalin levels and clearing your mind. By working deeply within your subconscious to melt away emotional issues, EFT lets you achieve harmony with your emotions. You may be amazed by the feelings of freedom, power and peace that can be achieved.

“Thank you so much for today's Faster EFT session - I can't believe how much lighter I feel. I found myself singing when I got home and realised that a whole period of time had passed and I wasn't on my incessant worry-wheel.

(After the next session) …I can't believe how different I feel. I went out for a few hours after work last night and actually felt quite relaxed and enjoyed myself! Today at work I was really busy but I felt I was totally present and not constantly running through my list of worries in my head at the same time as working.

I keep mentally pinching myself to see if I can get to that same level of anxiety and desperation as I was at when I contacted you again. Nothing has changed in my situation since I saw you - but I definitely feel so much better able to cope with it. I am really amazed. I certainly feel a remarkable improvement in just over a week. This is really the first time that I feel truly hopeful that I can start to live and enjoy my life, instead of just 'getting by'.

I can't thank you enough.”  Business Owner

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There is an epidemic of anxiety in our society.  It can come in many forms, including vague uneasiness, muscular tension, heart palpitations, shaking, nausea and sudden panic. Having suffered anxiety and panic attacks myself, I am so grateful for the effectiveness of EFT – both for instant relief during an attack, and for therapeutically treating the deeper causes of the anxiety. Anxiety holds us back from living our best lives so we need to address it's causes and go free from it.

"I started seeing Margaret when the stress and anxiety caused by my high pressure job was at breaking point. I was constantly depressed, couldn't sleep and was taking regular anti anxiety medication to cope with my severe depression. I felt totally trapped by my circumstances and even had thoughts of hurting myself because I couldn't see another way out.

Seeing Margaret changed my life. In a very short period of time (5 sessions over a few short months), I am off the anti anxiety medication, have found a new job (or perhaps I should say found the confidence to make a change), have learnt to create a much healthier work/life balance, feel good about myself again, and perhaps most importantly, now have the tools to efficiently and effectively process the ups and downs that life presents and continue progressing toward the healthy happy life to which I aspire and deserve.

For me the journey is only half way finished. The dark days may be behind me, but now the focus has changed from saving my life to building the life I want to live.”
Sports Administrator


Both mild and severe depression can be caused by suppression of fear, anger or grief. EFT is very good at treating some depressions, although clinical depression is a serious illness which may also need medical treatment.

Emotional Problems

EFT can free you from fear, anger, guilt and sadness. Sometimes people bottle up their emotions, or feel overwhelmed by them – either way, negative emotions can lead to ill health, broken relationships or financial difficulties. Tapping is a gentle, non-invasive way to dissolve emotional pain.


Grief is a normal human emotional response, and sometimes we need help in dealing with losses or traumatic events. EFT assists in healing profound grief and in gently relieving emotion that has been suppressed - sometimes for many years. Grieving clients always find EFT to be immensely healing and of great comfort.

"I can feel such an amazing difference after just 2 sessions using the EFT process.  The sadness of 25 years repressed grief has lifted and has been replaced with a hope and a lightness.  My whole thought patterns have changed radically which has freed me to move ahead in every area of my life."
Fran Thornton

Fears & Phobias

Fear holds us back from the lives we want – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being rejected, fear of inadequacy. Sometimes our fear intensifies around a particular thing – we call that a phobia. Common phobias include fear of snakes, spiders, mice, heights, flying, enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) or going outside (agoraphobia). Phobias are notoriously difficult to treat but EFT delivers strong improvements; often lessening fear in as little as one session.

Fear of Flying

In these days of jet travel it can be very limiting to have a severe fear of flying - especially if you need to fly in order to do your work. EFT is highly effective in resolving the subconscious emotional issues that cause fear of flying.

Fear of Heights

I used to be afraid of heights - it's incredibly common. Fortunately, this fear can usually be laid to rest with some targeted tapping.

 "I was excited, yet really scared of the challenge of the Bridge Climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I am not good with heights, have a history of “freaking out” in high exposed places and was terrified I wouldn’t be able to tackle those narrow walkways and ladders that lead onto and off the wider main ark of the bridge.
After tapping with Margaret, both in a workshop and then a private phone session I was able to complete the Bridge Climb with a confidence and enjoyment that surprised me. I am now a firm believer in the power of Margaret’s work in overcoming fears and negative beliefs in an incredibly simple process"
Wendy Buckingham -Author, Speaker, Coach

Fear of Public Speaking

Do you ever need to make presentations or give speeches? If you suffer from butterflies, shaking, sweaty palms, a tight throat or heart palpitations, you'll be glad to know that EFT helps you become calm and confident in front of an audience, and become able to express yourself freely. I offer both private consultations and a workshop “Speak Out With Confidence”.

Financial Insecurities

John Gailbraith, the famous American economist, said "Money ranks with love as man's greatest source of joy and with death as his greatest source of anxiety" - never a truer word was spoken! EFT can be used to great effect on this topic. My book "Create Prosperity" addresses many of the beliefs, emotions and behaviours causing this anxiety.

Self-Esteem Issues

Low self-esteem is a cause of many barriers and can hold you back from living the life you want. With EFT you are free to believe in yourself, rediscover your inner strength and be confident in every aspect of your life.

Stress Management

There are many different causes of psychological stress, and physical symptoms range from muscular tension to exhaustion. EFT provides both mental and physical relief, by clearing away emotional issues for peace of mind, and alleviating the physical symptoms of stress in your body.