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About Margaret Munoz

My mission is to empower my clients by giving them the skills to create real and ongoing change in a practical and creative way using the latest developments in human potential and transformative education. 

I want you to have an unprecedented breakthrough in those areas in which you seek change. 

Insight from personal experience 

My skills and knowledge have been gained from many years of exploration, learning and study driven by my own desire to have a happier, healthier, more creative and fulfilling life. I've overcome a range of mental, physical and emotional health issues, and through my own process of transformation have become an exceptionally powerful catalyst for people who likewise want to live to their highest potentials and make a contribution in the world.  

Lifelong learning

With qualifications in naturopathy, botanic medicine and clinical hypnotherapy, I’ve also studied extensively in NLP, psychotherapy, counseling, native American Indian healing, psychoneuroimmunology, meditation, stress management, personal and spiritual growth work, conscious evolution and energy psychology - this latter being the most powerful field I have discovered.

I'm fortunate to have had many great adventures and amazing mentors and my endless curiosity brings me now to the latest developments in quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics.  (The effect that environment has on genes).  My spiritual life is of utmost importance to me and I pursue ongoing expansion.

Consulting, writing, speaking

I consult with individuals, run workshops, write books and articles, and speak to groups and organisations.  I’m a thought-provoking and entertaining trainer and I became an Accredited Speaking Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia in 2002.  I work in person in Sydney, and throughout the world online.

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