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Client Business Successes


These are a few of my clients who have businesses of their own who you may like to connect with.

Charles has been devoted to freeing himself from the limitations that were interfering with his passionate pursuit of expressing his creative gifts in the world and receiving financial reward. As a talented marketer and copywriter he is living his dream and commited through his business to helping others live their dream too.

I've had AMAZING results from our last session. In a nutshell, bought a new home for much less than we thought, sold our flat for much, much more than we expected to, and I got a project that has paid in 2 months much more than I earned last year!"
- Charles Cuninghame

Charles Cunninghame
Charles Cuninghame





Marijose Cruz
Marijose Cruz


Marijose is a delightful and multi-talented Mexican filmaker who now lives in Australia. She pursues her own freedom so she can be happy with herself and use her wonderful creative gifts to document important stories which need to be told. The next story might be yours!


"Margaret has been the key for me to release stuck energy and let it flow so I can make the most of my life. And the feeling has been delicious, joyful and addictive. I want more! She has become a guide for me, a great and wise teacher."
- Marijose Cruz

Andrew Hill-Male
Andrew Hill-Male

Andrew came as a client at a time of career uncertainty and morphed into my treasured and indispensible 'computer guy'. He is now happily fullfilled running his very successful website design and IT support services company for small businesses like mine - probably because his service is second to none.

"Working with Margaret has been an incredible life changing experience which has allowed me to achieve personal and business goals that I would never have thought possible. I'm grateful for her insight and support in helping me enjoy a much better quality of life."<
- Andrew Hill-Male

Andrew is totally dedicated to expanding into his potential. I admire the way he seeks excellence as an entrepreneur, strives to become a great leader by example and wishes to serve humanity. He's an ideas man who actually puts them into action - and keeps me on my toes!

"I first starting working with Margaret to address anxiety and stress issues. After these were resolved, I realised that with some simple techniques I could navigate life with confidence and a deep sense of calm. I am loving life and much of it is thanks to the assistance Margaret has provided over the last 12 months. I look forward to continuing the journey."
- Andrew Firth

Andrew Firth



I'm very proud of the way Harvey has worked so hard on being able to express his potential, which has now resulted in his decision to run his own business. It is heartening to know that people will have access to financial advice from someone with total integrity.

Working with Margaret over the last couple of years has made an incredible difference to my outlook and my enjoyment of life.  She has helped me unleash the self confidence to leave a job that made me unhappy, and set up my own business, that now makes me incredibly happy.  I happily recommend Margaret to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their lives"
- Harvey James

Harvey James
Harvey James
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas

Amanda is an indie pop rock singer and song writer with a beautiful voice, who chose to address the issues that were holding her back from finishing her album and then steamed ahead and got it done despite having two young children. The result is "Midnight Sun" which is now launched and Amanda is enjoying playing gigs at various venues.


"I went to Margaret in the middle of recording an album, after having my second child and I was thinking about giving away my dream.  She gave me the tools to move forward through life and I'm so excited that I'm living my potential instead of dreaming about it."
- Amanda Thomas






Matt is a talented singer and songwriter who has found tapping a great help in overcoming the anxiety caused by a past traumatic event so that he can better pursue his dream career as a musician. I went to one of his great gigs - glad I did as it's not every day I have a rock song dedicated to me!

Photo Matt McGowen
Matt McGowen

"I've talked to so many people both professional and otherwise and read so many self-help books during my 13 long years of battling and recovering from anxiety but after reading The Power of Tapping suspected I was onto something that could really help me to move forward rather than just another crutch. My suspicions were confirmed after my first session with Margaret and the resultant feelings of a great weight being lifted off my shoulders and the excitement of new emotional possibilities. It's still a process and not an immediate fix but with tapping my experience is that the rate of progress happens much faster and in a way that feels much safer and more secure.
- Matt McGowen

Kathryn Sutton


Kathryn came to me for a few sessions when she was fearful about leaving corporate consulting to set up the business she truly wanted - and found the courage and determination inside herself to bring her dream into reality by opening Sparkle Cupcakery in Surry Hills which is certainly no ordinary cake shop! I suggest you go visit.

"Through my sessions with Margaret I received incredibly valuable insights that friends and family are just too close to see or share. These insights have assisted me in making major decisions in my business and in my life."
- Kathryn Sutton